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Did you know that food can help you boost your productivity? If you’re missing deadlines, dragging yourself to meetings and can’t focus, your diet may be to blame.  If you want to win the work day, then eating well is one of the best things you can do. A healthy diet can be your secret super power!

It takes awareness, a desire to change, discipline and diligence to to get started on a healthy lifestyle change and keep going – but once you create healthy habits that become a part of your everyday life, everything changes.  The key is to start small.  If all you do is add a green vegetable to your daily diet, you’re making progress.  It’s not that hard.  Add spinach to your morning shake, pack broccoli to dip in your afternoon hummus snack, order a salad for lunch or toss a bunch of chopped greens and veggies in the crock pot soup (at the end).

When you eat healthy, drink water throughout the day, and get good sleep, you are more productive, you get more done in a short amount of time; you feel more satisfied with your work, you handle stress more easily and you can even switch between tasks with ease.   Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to give up happy hour or pizza night, A balanced lifestyle means you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.  Instead, you make choices that you want to make.  If pizza night is when you connect with family and release the stress of cooking, cleaning and planning, then enjoy it!  If happy hour allows you to decompress and share your work week highlights with your team, then keep that penciled in.  If, however, you’re feeling sluggish, irritated, and consumed with negativity, then excessive drinking and unhealthy meals may be a contributing factor.  It’s all about how you incorporate and experience food.  It is meant to nourish your body AND soul.  It’s not just about how it chemically reacts in your body.  Food can be the great connector.  It’s at the center of many special events and life moments.  Acknowledge that and allow this to lead you in the right direction.  Enjoy the splurges but keep your daily habits on point.

Needless to say, an unhealthy diet consisting of chemically laden, sugar filled, processed foods and beverages is detrimental in the short AND long term.  It has been shown by a number of studies to have a negative impact on brain function and cognitive abilities. So if you’re hoping to get the most out of your day, ditch the junk reach for some healthy options.

Here are some ways to eat for health and boost your brainpower:

  • Antioxidants –  boost memory and concentration for up to five hours with antioxidants that help stimulate the blood and oxygen that flows to the brain – blueberries in particular are a delicious way to amp up your breakfast.  Try adding them to your smoothie, making a parfait or just snacking on them fresh or frozen.
  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids – wild salmon and other cold water fatty fish are excellent sources.  Don’t do fish?  Go for seeds!  Try Chia, Flax or Hemp.  Add them to your smoothies, cereal, salads.. you get the idea.
  • Protein – A protein rich breakfast wakes up your brain and provides the nutrition your body needs to stay alert and productive until your lunch break.  Boil a dozen eggs on Sunday so you can grab a couple on your way out the door in the mornings.  Need a fast a tasty plant based option?  Try my favorite Super L.O.V. Meal.  Not only is it made with live, raw, organic ingredients, you get 20 grams of pure plant protein to get you through the morning with energy to spare – without distracting thoughts of snacks an hour or two later ($50 discount at checkout).
  • B Vitamins – Get your greens on! Dark leafy greens, particularly spinach, are rich in B vitamins and folate, which feed mental health. And because leafy greens are easy to digest, they don’t divert energy and blood flow away from your brain when you’re trying to work.  You know what to do – blend away!  You can keep a big container of spinach in the freezer.  It won’t go bad and you just toss a handful in your smoothie or even saute from frozen!  Most of you don’t have time to cook or even make smoothies.  I get it.  Here’s a solution: Power Shake.  All your organic, non-GMO greens in a shaker bottle.  Just add water, shake it up and go (yes – the discount will be there at checkout)!
  • Water – So simple yet missing in most of our daily lives.  Drink water!  You don’t have to be thirsty to drink it.  In fact, if you’re thirsty, you’ve already gone too long without it.  Drinking water keeps you hydrated, increases your energy, improves elimination and helps you SLEEP!  Get a cool water bottle, download a water drinking app and make sure you have water available all day.  H2O in the car, at your desk, on the nightstand and in the fridge.  Make it your go-to beverage.  You’ll feel the difference.  I promise!


A healthy, balanced diet will boost your brainpower and help you excel at work and in life.  If the list of good-for-you foods above is foreign or overwhelming, start small. Just one habit per week until you have it down, then move on to the next.  Need a little extra support?  check out my 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge.  It’s a free DIY way to get started with a little extra support from yours truly.  So which foods will you be incorporating this week?  I’d love to hear it!



Marisol Ballaro

My name is Marisol Ballaro, and I am your own personal health coach and life buddy. I have always worked in service to others. If you are interested in a gentle way to make lifestyle changes to dramatically improve your health (weight loss, reducing your risk of lifestyle diseases) and well-being (better mood, energy and sense of purpose), I’m your woman. Check out my programs for more info!

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