4 Ways to Feel Fuller Longer

4 Ways to Feel Fuller Longer

Do you ever feel hungry even after you’ve just eaten? This could simply be a matter of your brain playing “tricks” on you. You hunger could be a sign of boredom, fatigue, dehydration, or even lack of movement.

Today, I’m sharing 4 ways to get hunger under control and achieve your weight loss goals.

1. Start early with a good breakfast! When you start the day off with a hearty breakfast you’re less likely to snack or overindulge later in the day. Your first meal of the day usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Your hunger hormone (ghrelin) will be less likely to pipe up throughout the day if you fuel your body with a substantial (protein packed) breakfast in the morning.  If I don’t have time in the morning, I take 2 hard boiled eggs & half an avocado.  So good!

2. Keep healthy snacks at your fingertips When you get hungry, you might be prone to grab a convenient snack without thinking whether this is really a good option. Keeping healthy foods and snacks nearby ensures that you’ll reach for those instead of a less healthy option.  I usually have mixed nuts & an apple in my bag.

3. Keep a food journal. This is the hardest one for me.  When I keep track, I really do see a difference.  Sometimes we just eat without really thinking of what is going in our mouths, or worse we just forget what we’ve consumed. When you keep a record, or a food journal, you’re less likely to mindlessly eat foods that aren’t good for your body. A study by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that women who kept food journals lost, on average, six pounds more versus the women who only took part in diet and exercise groups. It makes sense that writing down what you eat makes you more attune of food choices, and therefore, encourages wiser food choices, right?

4. Chew each bite 30 times I know. I know. This one may seem like a challenge (or just very strange) at first, but chewing each mouthful 30 times can actually support your weight loss goals. This simple act of slowing down cannot be underestimated, not only at the table but in everyday life. Try it with your next meal. Chew your food until it’s complete mush in your mouth. You may be surprised at how this helps you cut down on the volume of food you consume at each meal and eases digestion.

I’d love to hear from you. Which of these tips will you try? What’s been working for you as you move towards your weight loss goals?

Marisol Ballaro

My name is Marisol Ballaro, and I am your own personal health coach and life buddy. I have always worked in service to others. If you are interested in a gentle way to make lifestyle changes to dramatically improve your health (weight loss, reducing your risk of lifestyle diseases) and well-being (better mood, energy and sense of purpose), I’m your woman. Check out my programs for more info!

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